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Sinking line has work well , fishing moving water

Seven-day forecast 

The weather has been very unsettled, it should settle down this week Book you charter early.


Rhode Island Coastal waters fishing report

May 21, 2018

More stripers are moving into Rhode Island each day . As the water warms larger schools will arrive. Narragansett Bay is holding loads of school stripers. Fly fishing with small flies has been doing the trick.The rivers are producing small fish The coastline along Newport would be a good place to look for the early arrivals. Reports from the Narrow river and South County school stripers are feeding on small bait. I will be out this week and post a report Until then tight lines

. Captain Rene Letourneau

Must Have Flies 
Lefty's Deceiver tan over white 1/0,1,2 Buy from Orvis.com
Half And Half chartreuse over whit 1/0, 1,2 Buy from Orvis.com
Gurgler tan body, white tail 1,2 1/0 Buy from Orvis.com
Clouser Minnow green 1/0 Buy from Orvis.com
Rene LeTourneau

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